About Seminar

We have talks about topics regarding big data, including serverless computing, algorithms, performance analysis, and large-scale platofrms.

Currently, the seminar information is as follows:

  • Every Monday (2020.01.11~)
  • 14:30 - 16:00
  • G-LAB(623), Future Hall, Kookmin University (or Zoom)
  • Topic: ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2020 (SoCC '20) Papers

Students who are interested can attend seminars


Date Presenter Topic Link Presentation
2021-11-15 허윤서 Carbon Emissions and Large Neural Network Training paper ppt
2021-11-08 백소현 Amazon SageMaker Neo ppt
2021-10-18 최운호 Cirrus: a Serverless Framework for End-to-end ML Workflows paper ppt
2021-09-27 이성재 Tiresias: A GPU Cluster Manager for Distributed Deep Learning paper ppt
2021-09-13 박정애 Towards Cloud-Edge Collaborative Online Video Analytics with Fine-Grained Serverless Pipeline paper ppt
2021-08-23 최재강 Characterizing the Deep Neural Networks Inference Performance of Mobile Applications paper ppt
2021-08-09 허윤서 Horus : Interference-Aware and Prediction-Based Scheduling in Deep Learning Systems paper ppt
2021-08-02 최운호 BigDL : A Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Big Data paper ppt
2021-07-26 이성재 SpreadGNN: Serverless Multi-task Federated Learning for Graph Neural Networks paper ppt
2021-07-19 박정애 Benchmarking TPU, GPU, and CPU Platforms for Deep Learning paper ppt
2021-07-12 박수빈 Iteration Time Prediction for CNN in Multi-GPU Platform: Modeling and Analysis paper ppt
2021-07-05 최재강 INFaaS: A Model-less and Managed Inference Serving System paper ppt
2021-06-28 허윤서 OFC: an opportunistic caching system for FaaS platforms paper ppt
2021-06-21 최운호 Finding the Right Cloud Configuration for Analytics Clusters paper ppt
2021-05-31 이성재 RubberBand: Cloud-based Hyperparameter Tuning paper ppt
2021-05-24 박정애 Serverless Linear Algebra paper ppt
2021-04-26 허윤서 Semi-Dynamic Load Balancing: Efficient Distributed Learning in Non-Dedicated Environments paper ppt
2021-04-12 최운호 Improving the Accuracy, Adaptability, and Interpretability of SSD Failure Prediction Models paper ppt
2021-04-05 손태선 Early Exit에 대하여 paper ppt
2021-03-29 이성재 Once for All: Train One Network and Specialize it for Efficient Deployment paper ppt
2021-03-22 박수빈 Personalizing Session-Based Recommendations with Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks paper ppt
2021-03-15 박수빈 Session-Based Recommendations with Recurrent Neural Networks paper ppt
2021-03-08 박정애 Occupy the Cloud: Distributed Computing for the 99% paper ppt
2021-02-22 최재강 Wukong: a scalable and locality-enhanced framework for serverless parallel computing paper ppt
2021-02-15 허윤서 Vessels: Efficient and Scalable Deep Learning Prediction on Trusted Processors paper ppt
2021-02-08 이성재 PaGraph: Scaling GNN Training on Large Graph via Computation-aware Caching paper ppt
2021-02-01 최운호 Making Edge Computing Resilient paper ppt
2021-01-18 손태선 Elastic Parameter Server Load Distribution in Deep Learning Clusters paper ppt
2021-01-11 허윤서 Dimensionality Reduction ppt
2020-11-26 박정애 Stratus: Clouds with Microarchitectural Resource Management paper ppt
2020-11-19 박주언 A Cloud Gaming Framework for Dynamic Graphical Rendering Towards Achieving Distributed Game Engines paper ppt
2020-11-12 최재강 Disaggregation and the Application paper ppt
2020-11-05 최운호 No Reservations: A First Look at Amazon Reserved Instance Marketplace paper ppt
2020-10-29 손태선 Auto-sizing for Stream Processing Applications at LinkedIn paper ppt
2020-10-15 이성재 Model-Switching: Dealing with Fluctuating Workloads in Machine-Learning-as-a-Service Systems paper ppt
2020-10-08 박정애 On the Impact of Isolation Costs on Locality-aware Cloud Scheduling paper ppt
2020-09-24 손태선 Apache Parquet ppt
2020-09-17 박주언 A Cloud-native Architecture for Replicated Data Services paper ppt
2020-09-10 최재강 Towards Plan-aware Resource Allocation in Serverless Query Processing paper ppt
2020-09-03 최운호 Securing RDMA for HIgh-Performance Datacenter Storage Systems paper ppt
2020-08-26 손태선 Resource Efficient Stream Processing Platform with Latency-Aware Scheduling Algorithms paper ppt
2020-08-12 박정애 Serverless Boom or Bust? An Analysis of Economic Incentives paper ppt
2020-08-05 이성재 Towards GPU Utilization Prediction for Cloud Deep Learning paper ppt
2020-07-29 박주언 More IOPS for Less: Exploiting Burstable Storage in Public Clouds paper ppt
2019-04-02 김정출 SOCK : Rapid Task Provisioning with Serverless-Optimized Containers paper ppt
2019-02-14 손성수 Dynamic Control of CPU Usage in a Lambda Platform paper ppt
2019-01-30 박정애 μSuite: A Benchmark Suite for Microservices paper ppt
2019-01-30 민지수 Matrix Computations and Optimization in Apache Spark paper ppt
2019-01-24 손명준 Exploring Serverless Computing for Neural Network Training paper ppt
2019-01-24 김정출 Serverless Computing : One Step Forward, Two Steps Back paper ppt
2019-01-17 김현준 HoloClean: Holistic Data Repairs with Probabilistic Inference paper ppt
2019-01-17 이창우 Machine Learning Winter School 2018 paper ppt
2018-12-12 김정출 BIGDATA 2018 paper ppt
2018-10-09 김현준 A Comparative Study of Containers and Virtual Machines in Big Data Environment paper ppt
2018-10-02 손성수 Toward Cost-effective Memory Scaling in Clouds: Symbiosis of Virtual and Physical Memory paper ppt
2018-09-18 이창우 Performance Evaluation of a MongoDB and Hadoop Platform for Scientific Data Analysis paper ppt
2018-09-04 김정출 Selecta: Heterogeneous Cloud Storage Configuration for Data Analytics paper ppt
2018-08-02 손성수 Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms paper ppt
2018-07-19 손명준 CLOUD2018 & Lessons from OSG School 2018 CLOUD2018 HTCondor ppt & hands-on
2018-07-05 김정출 Improving spark application throughput via memory aware task co-location: a mixture of experts approach paper ppt
2018-06-28 손명준 Dione: Profiling spark applications exploiting graph similarity paper ppt
2018-06-18 손성수 Tachyon: Reliable, Memory Speed Storage for Cluster Computing Frameworks paper ppt
2018-03-28 김정출 PerfOrator: eloquent performance models for Resource Optimization paper ppt
2018-03-21 손성수 Performance Characterization and Acceleration of In-Memory File Systems for Hadoop and Spark Applications on HPC Clusters paper ppt
2018-03-15 손명준 Design of Experiments link paper ppt
2018-02-28 김정출 WSDM CUP 2018 paper ppt
2018-02-21 손성수 SystemML's Optimizer: Plan Generation for Large-Scale Machine Learning Programs paper ppt
2018-01-24 손명준 Distributed nonnegative matrix factorization for web-scale dyadic data analysis on mapreduce paper ppt
2018-01-17 손성수 Resource Elasticity for Large-Scale Machine Learning paper ppt
2017-12-27 이경용 Autonomic BigData Cloud Computing
2017-10-30 손명준 Predicting cloud performance for HPC applications: a user-oriented approach paper ppt
2017-10-23 김정출 boosting (ADAboosting and Gradient boosting) and random forest ppt
2017-10-16 손성수 Ernest: Efficient Performance Prediction for Large-Scale Advanced Analytics paper
2017-10-10 김남현 Random forest and decision tree coursera
2017-09-19 손명준 OpenCL and its application (Lessons from the summer accelerator school) ppt gitHub
2017-09-11 김정출 Selecting the Best VM across Multiple Public Clouds: A Data-Driven Performance Modeling Approach paper ppt
2017-08-31 손성수 Distributed matrix computation on Spark paper ppt
2017-08-01 손명준 Exploiting Matrix Dependency for Efficient Distributed Matrix Computation paper
2017-07-18 김남현 Matrix multiplication on Sparkk marlin CARMA ppt
2017-07-13 사라 Time series for spot instance price
2017-06-12 손명준 CPU and GPU orchestration paper ppt
2017-05-29 김정출 Containerization VS. Virtualization paper
2017-05-22 김남현 Using Spark on GPUs paper
2017-05-15 사라 C-Fuzzy Decision Tree paper ppt
2017-05-08 손명준 CherryPick paper ppt
2017-05-01 김정출 TensorFlow hands-on session ppt
2017-04-17 이경용 Autonomic BigData Cloud Computing
2017-04-03 김남현 NeuralNet textbook
2017-03-27 김정출 TensorFlow paper
2017-03-20 김정출 TensorFlow paper ppt
2017-03-13 손명준 using spot instances TR-Spark: Transient Computing for Big Data Analytics ppt
2017-03-06 사라 spot instance pricing Characterizing spot price dynamics in public cloud environments ppt
2017-02-22 김정출 SparkNet paper YahooHadoop-1 YahooHadoop-2 TensorFrame ppt
2017-02-08 손명준 Spot instance for deep learning(DeepSpotCloud) code paper
2017-02-01 사라 XGBoost paper site ppt
2017-01-25 김정출 Virtualization or Containerization? Quora stackoverflow blog docs